Last but not least: An introduction phrase to let the audience know that the last person mentioned is no less important than those introduced before him/her. Lend Me Your Ear: To politely ask for someone's full attention. Let Bygones Be Bygones: To forget about a disagreement or arguement. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: To avoid restarting a conflict.

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the cake is a lie. 390 likes. We are pleased that you made it through the final challenge where we pretended that we were going to murder you. Urban Dictionary: the cake is a lie A cake alone can be enjoyed, but not in the sense that cake should be. As I walked down the coast, walking her hand in mine, my heart was filled, my mind content, and in that moment I was happy. As I walked away from her, alone to my car, I knew the emotions experienced by being with her were untrue. The Cake Is a Lie | Know Your Meme After the games release, "the cake is a lie" was widely popular between Portal players, but soon it spread to forums and blogs where the phrase began to take on a new meaning outside of the context of the game. People were using the phrase, "The cake is a lie", on forums as an idiom meaning, "You are chasing after an empty, unattainable goal."

28.05.2015 · SuicideGirls… became famous for embracing beauty in every shape and form — meaning bodies covered in tattoos, having bright-colored hair, and being outside of traditional beauty norms were celebrated. The name comes from the idea that women who commit “social suicide” by being different come together. - Buzzfeed Movie Spoiler for the film - CAKE Silvana wakes up Claire after she falls asleep, informing her that the runaway girl has stolen her purse. Claire is not an angry person anymore; she doesn’t even want to press charges. On the countertop is the homemade cake – Claire delivers the cake to Roy’s house, along with a shark kite for his son’s birthday. What Does Take the Cake Mean? - Writing Explained What is the meaning of “that takes the cake?” Learn this English idiom along with other words and phrases at Writing Explained. Take the cake definition.

The cake is a lie. RNG - not quite so random... | Forums i was talking about specifically random numbers. but if you wanna go deep down and find out the meaning of the word time. i do agree time is everything. and i did watched the video. The cake, it was a lie [] Posted Sep 25, 2012 17:04 UTC (Tue) by ovitters (subscriber, #27950) In reply to: The cake, it was a lie by Cyberax Parent article: GStreamer 1.0 released. the cake is a lie. | MetaFilter

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The Linguistics of Lying - Annual Reviews not necessarily include deception, as there are so-called bald-faced lies in which ..... meaning components ofto lie: belief to be false>intent to deceive>false in fact. .... cakes (logically speaking, it is true that one eats three cupcakes when one ... The-cake-is-a-lie dictionary definition | the-cake-is-a-lie defined the-cake-is-a-lie definition: Origin From the 2007 video game Portal, in which a self-aware computer, GLaDOS, lures the player into participating in dangerous ... Urban Dictionary: The Cake Is Not A Lie